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It's impossible to find the right words to define Carlotta Nobile: affected by cancer, she died when she was only 24, in 2013, but in her very short life she has been a talented violinist of national fame, winner of many national competitions, Art director of Santa Sophia Academy chamber orchestra at only 21 years old, a "Music Donor" in the Italian cancer wards, a curator and an Art historian, a writer with two books published when he was alive, a cultural operator, stagist at the national radio "Radiotre", author of articles about Contemporary Art and of columns of music critique, and lecturer for conferences whose topic was the connection between Art and Music. Twenty-four years spent producing with an extraordinary intensity, maybe in a state of unaware premonition of a forthcoming end: a big number of writings still to be uncovered and her blog about cancer called "Cancer and Afterwards" with which she infused - and she still infuses - courage and hope to thousands of people. Then the illness, that she could transform into a precious opportunity of teaching and personal growth:
«I don't even know how many centimeters of surgery scars have been drawn on my body, -she wrote- but I love them all, one by one. Every single centimeter of etched skin which will never be healed!
Those are the starting points of my wings.»
Awakening from a coma, four months before her death, she was illuminated by a strong and intense Faith. Until July 16 2013, she will face her calvary by finding comfort, gratitude and hope for herself and others in prayer, in a state of total abandonment to God:
«I am honored and blessed to be able to carry the Cross with Joy at the age of 24.» she wrote to the beloved Pope who inspired her.
Her testimony of Life and Faith, bearer of amazing fruits, has been around the world and it keeps walking...
Carlotta's new memorial card for 2017
Here is Carlotta's memorial card released by the University Ministry of the Archdiocese of Benevento on the fourth anniversary of her death. To download it in pdf format, click here or on the picture.
To receive a certain number of cards in paper form in order to distribute them, please refer to the "Contacts" section of the website.
Carlotta's story told on TV2000 (April 13, 2017)
8-minute documentary (2016) on Carlotta's life.
Carlotta's story on TV2000 news (March 21, 2016)
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