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Carlotta Nobile Hall – Sapienza University of Rome

On November 22nd 2014 “La Sapienza” University of Rome, with the decree n. 4175/2013, conferred to Carlotta Nobile the posthumous M. A. degree in History and Art Studies with solemnity. With the participation of the Chancellor Roberto Gaudio, the professors Antonella Sbrilli, Marina Righetti and Carlotta’s friends, the University dedicated to her memory the hall Aula Tre of the Department of History of Art and Performance Arts "for her fine studies on the relationships among Art, Music and Writings".
"Carlotta Nobile" Classroom - "Nicola Sala" State Conservatory of Music of Benevento

On 4 March 2017, during the inauguration of the academic year, the "Nicola Sala" State Conservatory of Music of Benevento names a Classroom of the institute after Carlotta Nobile, in the presence of the Minister of Education, Universities and Research of the Italian Republic Valeria Fedeli and of the highest civil, military and religious authorities of the city.
The Italian Minister of Education Valeria Fedeli discovers the Classroom plaque with the name of Carlotta Nobile in the "Nicola Sala" State Conservatory of Music of Benevento, on 4 March 2017. Photo by Carmine Pizzella.
“Step by step” Sculpture – San Giacomo in Augusta Church, in Rome

On January 19th 2014, the artist Antonella Boscarini, publicly assigned her sculpture “passo dopo passo” (step by step) to San Giacomo in Augusta Church, in the centre of Rome. The work of art, consists in the representation of a Franciscan sandal made by putting together some lead and waste material and it’s dedicated to the memory of her “dear friend Carlotta Nobile, with whom I spent a few but very intense years, with mutual esteem and affection”. The sandal was exposed in some museums, private collections and public institutions before it was dedicated to Carlotta and donated to the Church. Today it can be admired in the first Chapel on the left, in San Giacomo in Augusta Church. A little plaque carries the inscription.
Carlotta Nobile Music Hall -  San Maurizio Hospital in Bolzano

Thanks to the initiative of the head physician Dr. Claudio Graiff and the will of some of his patients and of the group “Donatori di Musica”, the music hall of the cancer ward of San Maurizio Hospital in Bolzano has been bearing her name from August 6th 2014. it was inaugurated with the concert of the violinist Rodolfo Bonucci and the pianist Corrado Greco and it is called “Carlotta Nobile” Music Hall.
Carlotta Nobile Study Facility – Benevento

Carlotta Nobile Study Facility, in Castello square n.2 in Benevento, is the location of the Association bearing the same name. The facility hosts also the personal library of Carlotta that is divided into three parts, one of each dedicated to Music, Art and Literature, and collects the books that the musician, art historian and writer from Benevento, had studied and loved as they were the travel companions of her short life: more than 2000 books, even scientific, exhibit catalogs, important publications – some of them now unavailable elsewhere – on music and art, many of them in English and French. Thanks to her family, all this treasure has become usable for students, scholars and people who want to go deep into the particular themes and subjects connected to her passions. The library will always be open previous appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoon, from 5 to 7 pm.
"Carlotta Music Group" (South Sudan)

On the initiative of Father Charles Mbikoyo, engaged in material and spiritual assistance to young people in South Sudan, the "Carlotta Music Group" was born. "A group of young male and female students formed to carry out musical and cultural activities with the intention of proclaiming Carlotta's faith in South Sudan. This group contributes to promoting Carlotta's passions among young people and to encouraging them to have the same faith and the same talents, abilities and approaches to life. They sing, dance, make cultural entertainment and perform presentations of Carlotta's figure to the public " (Taken from "Calendar 2017 in memory of Carlotta - South Sudan ", released by Fr. Charles Mbikoyo).
"Carlotta Nobile" Municipal Nursery School - Benevento

On 20 September 2016 the Benevento city Council disclosed that the nursery school in via Firenze has been named after Carlotta Nobile, because of her "extraordinary example of Faith, love and life". With the participation of the highest authorities of the city, the ceremony of entitlement was held on 20 December 2016, on Carlotta's birthday. In that occasion the mayor Clemente Mastella said: «The entitlement of the nursery school to Carlotta Nobile is for all of us a very important event. Carlotta is a positive example of the spirit of resilience Pope Francis always talks about: in fact she fronted the adversities with a deep strength and courage. Her example is to be followed by the entire community».
"Carlotta Nobile" Music Laboratory - "P.Giannone" State Classical High School of Benevento

On May 30, 2017, on the initiative of the Principal Norma Fortuna Pedicini, in the presence of the students and the Professors, the solemn ceremony of entitlement to Carlotta Nobile of the Music Laboratory of "P.Giannone" State Classical High School was held. At the event, in the Main Hall of the High School, the students attended at the projection of biographical short film "Carlotta Nobile: la Donna dell'Oltre" (watchable here) and the testimony of Principal Pedicini and Professor Amerigo Ciervo, Carlotta's teachers. Later, after the discovery of the plate and the cut of the ribbon, the Head of the University Ministry of the Archdiocese Father Paolo Scarafoni blessed the Music Laboratory and some students held a musical concert under the coordination of Professor Gianluigi Panarese.
"Carlotta Nobile" Water Well, Naagori Yambio (South Sudan)

In May 2016, on the initiative of the Lucattoni family in Rome, engaged in material assistance to the children of the Elena Orphanage in Naagori Yambio (South Sudan), a water well was built and it was entitled to Carlotta Nobile. The well, wich bears the inscription "Carlotta forever in our hearts", serves drinking water to the children of the structure, to the seminarians of St. John the Seminary and to the local people.
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