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She started to study violin when she was very young and she graduated in June 2006, at only 17 years old, attaining First Class Honours with Distinction at the Conservatory "Nicola Sala" in Benevento. Exactly in the same days she took her classical A level exams with full marks (100/100). In the academic year 2006/2007 she got into the specialist high level courses of violin at the International Academy of Portogruaro, held by  M° Pavel Vernikov,  M° Igor Volochine and M° Alexandr Semchuk, and the one organized by the Foundation of Music “Santa Cecilia”. Moreover, she attended the specialist courses of Maestro Vernikov at the Music School of Fiesole, studying simultaneously with the violinist Eugene Sarbu in London. In the summer of 2011 she attended the specialist course “Internationale Meisterkurs” for violin with M° Pierre Amoyal at the “Universitat Mozarteum” of Salzburg (Austria).
Since she was very young she has played in many chamber music ensembles, performing both as leader and solo violinist, at some eminent national and international Institutions, like the Universitāt Mozarteum of Salisburgo, the Auditorium Parco della Musica of Rome,  the German Historical Institute of Rome, the Franz Liszt Institute of Bologna, the Teatro Unione of Viterbo, the Villa Nobel in Sanremo, the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Library in Via Senato in Milan, the Royal Palace of Napoli and many others.
She took part in many national and international competitions, winning many times: the Absolute First Prize of the “F. Kreisler” violin contest in Matera in 2006, the “Distinguished Musician” degree at the International Ibla Grand Prize in 2007 and the “Ernest Bloch Special Mention” at the International Ibla Grand Prize in 2008. When they came to know about her passing, this organization dedicated to Carlotta the Concert of Winners on July 18th 2013.  
Moreover, in May 2008 she won the Absolute First Prize at the national competition "City of Viterbo”, awarded by M° Beatrice Antonioni. In June of the same year, for the Academy of Santa Cecilia and for the University "La Sapienza", she performed for the first time at the "Musa" Auditorium Parco della Musica of Rome with the original music for violin solo and for violin and piano composed by Roman musicians coming from the school of Franz Liszt (E. Pinelli, L. Mancinelli), playing duo with the pianist Cinzia Merlin and playing again the same concert in Bologna, at the Institute “Franz Liszt”.
Between March 2007 and February 2008, she took part, as solo violinist, at the national tour of the musical theatre show “Carissimo Orco – homage to Giosuè Carducci", organized by Titania Productions, in partnership with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. She played in several towns like Rome, Milan, Sanremo, Naples, Salerno, Avellino, Cosenza, Potenza, Bari, Agrigento and Palermo, playing pieces from the repertoire concerning violin solo written by Bach, Bloch, Paganini and Ysaÿe.
On May 1st 2008 an entire episode of the Italian tv programme "Alta Fedeltà" (High Fidelity) on channel Sat 2000 has been dedicated to her and in that occasion she played live "Les Furies" from II Sonata for solo violin composed by E. Ysaÿe; for the same programme she recorded another performance with the pianist Kelly Lidiane Gallo.
Once again for Titania Productions and for the celebration of the 11th edition of the Week of Culture organized by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, in 2009 she got back on stage as solo violinist for the tour of the musical theatre show “Estate a Donnafugata”, based on the novel "Il Gattopardo", the masterpiece of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, with Paganini, Bloch and Biber's music. In this occasion, she played for the very first time "Fantasia Onirica" for solo violin, composed by Emanuele Cintura Torrente.
Again for MIBAC and Titania Producions, in May/June 2010 she took part in the tour of the musical theatre show  “Interviste Impossibili – homage to Cavour”, directed by Marta Bifano and organized to celebrate two hundred years from the birth of the statesman.
In May 2010 she was invited to perform, as solo violinist, for the inauguration of the contemporary art exhibit entitled “Mutiny seemed a Probability”, organized by Adrienne Drake at the Giuliani Foundation in Rome.
At only 21, in 2010, she became the artistic director of Santa Sophia Academy Chamber Orchestra in Benevento. As first Artistic Director, she is committed to the Academy launch, also for the purpose of exporting it outside its region, taking care of the three-year concert program, new formula on the whole national territory. Her proposal for a varied and eclectic program, ranging from Mozart to The Beatles, from Piazzolla to Strauss, from Bach to the Italian Twentieth century and the Neapolitan Eighteenth century, collects acclaim and public success. Nobile will remain active as Artistic Director of Santa Sophia until the untimely death. Her work helped to lay the foundations for the rapid entry of the academy into the Fund for the Performing Arts (FUS) of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. After her death, the Academy will live three years of stop. It then resumed its activities under the artistic direction of Maestro Filippo Zigante.
Since October 2010 she has collaborated with the Association Massimo Freccia of Ladispoli (Rome) becoming leader of the first violin section of their orchestra, performing in many concerts both with the Medi@ensemble camera orchestra, often as solo violinist, and also in many other camera ensembles, even as a tutor for the Orchestra giovanile Massimo Freccia (OgMF).
In October 2012 she took part in the recording session of the CD “Il pentagramma della memoria” (the stave of memory), promoted by the Rotary Club and by the Foundation Carlo Levi in Rome, a work dedicated to the rediscovery of Jewish music. In this occasion she played, with the pianist Marco Scolastra, the “Baal Shem” (Vidui – Nigun – Simchas Torah) for violin and piano composed by Ernest Bloch.
In 2012 she joined with excitement to “Donatori di Musica” (Donor of Music) and their philosophy made of generosity and selflessness, oriented to bring music into the Italian cancer wards, for which she played in a duo with the pianist Martin Berkofsky.
She had travelled since she was a young girl, absorbing pieces of different cultures and life styles with a deep curiosity. These experiences, added to the copious study trips abroad, let her reach a perfect fluency of English language and an excellent knowledge of French that brought her to learn different forms of expression and, most of all, to broaden her horizons and to develop her intellectual dimension which is unique and very peculiar.

In September 2007 she started her bachelor's degree course in Art History Studies at the Department of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and she graduated on January 11th 2011, with full marks cum laude thanks to a dissertation of Contemporary Art about the presence of musical themes and elements in the works of Alberto Martini, a forerunner of Surrealism. The Professor Antonella Sbrilli supervised her thesis. Soon after that, as a honors student, she started to attend the Master degree course of the same curriculum but, when only two exams were left to accomplish it, she died.
In July 2009 she was admitted into the course “Spanish art: passion in life, passion in death”, organized by the Art History International Summer School of the University of Cambridge (UK) and held by Professor Gail Turner, obtaining the highest honours (A) for having written her final essay titled “From genre studies to royal portraits: realism and illusion in Velazquez’s art”. In 2010 she attended the “Contemporary Art” Course at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art of New York.
In the same year she enrolled in the FAD course of " Art Curator" organized by the Artedata Company - Education and cultural services- and wrote, for the final exam, a project for an exhibit dedicated to the artist Silvana Maglione. Moreover, in the same year, she attended two classes: the first edition of the educational program “The Next Stop – Contemporary Art Management” and the entire second edition of it (from October to December 2010 at the Palace of Exhibitions in Rome).
In the academic year 2011/2012 she got into the LUISS Master of Art, a high level postgraduate course that lasted one year, organized by the LUISS Creative Business Center, directed by Roberto Cotroneo with the scientific supervision of Achille Bonito Oliva. The course ended in November 2012 with an exhibition called “CATARIFRANGENZE – Artisti a confronto”, placed from 5th to 28th of November 2012 at the MACRO Testaccio, La Pelanda, in Rome. The LMA's scholars managed the entire project, from cultural to organization functions, from the concept to the selection of artists and works, from the set up to the communication campaign, up to the preparation of the catalogue.
In March 2011 she has been invited to lead a conference at the Alberto Martini Art Gallery in Oderzo (TV); as unique lecturer, she spoke on the topic “the music of Alberto Martini: a trip through colours and sounds”, playing live some pieces from the repertoire written for violin solo by J. S. Bach and E. Ysaÿe. Moreover she showed the results of her researches about Martini's works never studied before, especially those belonging to the Parisian period and the ones anticipating Surrealism.
She kept on cultivating her big passion for writing through a collaboration with
From February to June 2011 she has attended an internship for her studies at La Sapienza University, playing with enthusiasm the role of assistant of art gallery at the Galleria 291 EST in Roma, dealing with the setting up of three exhibitions.
In May 2012, together with some of her colleagues met during the LUISS Master of Art course, she created a platform, Almost Curators, which is a space dedicated to Contemporary Art and its multiple contaminations with music, cinema, fashion, photography and so on. For this project she wrote constantly upon many themes, conceiving and curating personally the in-depth columns “Tutta un’altra musica” and “Artheraphy”, dedicated to music and artistic features.
Under the supervision of LUISS University, from January 2013 until she passed away, she became trainee for Radio3 station, in the editorial staff of the transmission “A3 il formato dell'arte”, for which she took care of the site increasing, in a very short time, the number of the followers online.
While she was taking on her music and university tasks, she kept on cultivating her big passion for writing: she has handled for two years a music section of the site, called “righe sonore” (auditory lines). Until the end, she collaborated also with the editorial staff of the  fortnightly “Realtà Sannita”, and other web magazines of art like
In May 2012, together with some of her colleagues met during the LUISS Master of Art course, she created a platform, Almost Curators, which is a space dedicated to Contemporary Art and its multiple contaminations with music, cinema, fashion, photography and so on. For this project she wrote constantly upon many themes, conceiving and curating personally the in-depth columns “Tutta un’altra musica” and “Artheraphy”, dedicated to music and artistic features.
Some of her early poems have been published by “Aletti” and “Giulio Perrone” publishing houses. In December 2008 her first book “Il silenzio delle parole nascoste” (the silence of hidden words) has been released by Aletti.
Her second book, “Oxymoron”, has been published by Aracne Editions in September 2012. In December she presented it in Rome, during the book fair called “Più libri, più liberi” (more book, much freedom) and in other cultural occasions, with performances in which she was the protagonist, in words and music.
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